WATCH: Teacher looking lingerie two piece at saucy snaps during class caught by giggling students

Rather than scrolling through the raunchy shots in private, lingerie two piece the whole room could see exactly what he was looking it as he’d left his laptop connected to the projector.

One student noticed the pictures lingerie two piece of women posing in lingerie and chose to film the incident.

The teacher was clearly unaware that he vx1t1g1vy was being filmed as he continued to scroll through the shots of women dressed only in their underwear and standing in various poses.

REDDIT OOPS: The teacher didn't realise he'd left the projector on

REDDIT BUSTED: The teacher was caught looking at pictures of women in lingerie two piece.

The clip has now gone viral after “D3Gamma” posted it on Reddit.

The user wrote that the teacher “never found out” he was being filmed.

REDDIT UNAWARE: He clearly didn't realise everyone could see

The post read: "After this class ended he switched to the next class’ assignments.

"So he doesn’t know that it wasn’t turned off or frozen on a screen." Sexy, half-naked lingerie two piece models replace mascots for Valentine's Day at Dutch side DUTCH side RKC Waalwijk replaced mascots with stunning babes modelling underwear company After Eden's range as a Valentine's Day treat.

The location and the name of the school is unknown but the clip is believed to have been filmed somewhere in the United States.

The footage comes after a British town was dubbed the “Hollywood of Porn” after a porn lingerie two piece production company revealed the town is a prime location for steamy shooting.