Nina Agdal's lingerie two piece Video

This is what everybody's talking about lingerie two piece:

On Tuesday night, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Nina Agdal shared somewhat ofa budoir videofor a new LoveHaus campaign on Instagram (below), in which she seen writhing around — barely clothed — trying to get comfortable on what appears to be a firm, unforgiving mattress. 

Real Housewives of New York star LuAnn de Lessepshas been at the forefront of lingerie two piece fashion for a long time, so it's no surprise that she finally got around to designing her very own line. Learn more about her new Countess Collection in the video above, complete with LuAnn's tips for finding the perfect pair of jeans.

It was announced on Tuesday that The X-Files is coming back to televisionfor a six-episode event, complete with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in their original roles. So get ready for six more hours of Mulder and Sculler almost jumping into bed together, only to get interrupted by aliens or something.

Tom Hanks and new Late Late Show host James Corden hastilyre-enacted Hanks' entire film careeron Monday's episode (below), revisiting such classics as Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan, among others. And since it was just afilmretrospective, they conveniently glossed over Bosom Buddies, which everyone knows as Hanks' finest work.

Hanks was also present at a Tuesday evening Rangers game in NYC, where fellow attendee Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted giving him the crook-eye from a nearby seat (below). It's unknown whether she took offense to something he was saying, or was merely furrowing her brow and thinking, Hey … Isn't that the guy from 'Bosom Buddies'?


After the lyrics of the Taylor Swift song Fifteen were misquoted in an SAT prep book, Taylor Swift responded on Tumblr with the correct lyrics before jokingly admonishing the publisher with the words, You had one job, test people. One job. In related news, today's SATs are unfairly biased toward Taylor Swift fans.

In even more related news, Taylor Swift has reportedly licensed her songs for streaming purposeson TIDAL,a music service owned by Jay Z. (Swift famously pulled her music from Spotify late last year.) Users can now pay $19.99 per month to stream most of Swift's catalog, or, you know, they couldnotand just wait for her songs to come on the radio, which theyinevitably will.

Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret lingerie two piece model Lily Aldridge is the subject of Maxim magazine's April issue,where she makes her case for their annual Hot 100 list. Below, she presents Exhibits A and B for consideration, which are — of course — her winning smile and perfect hair.

Universal Studios is unveiling a new ride based on the Fast Furious movies, which will reportedly simulate the feeling of traveling at 120 miles per hour in a multi-passenger tram. Fans of the films might recognize that scenario as never happening in the movies, so hopefully Universal will at least recreate the feeling of having Vin Diesel's hot growly breath on the back of your neck while it's happening.

Unbeknownst to the public until Tuesday, Mad Men actor Jon Hamm has reportedlycompleted a 30-day stay at a Connecticut rehab facility to treat alcohol abuse. And all this time, we thought he was just acting like a drunk sociopath on Mad Men ! (Somebody check his wallet for an old war buddy's fraudulent ID.)

As they do every year, the National Recording Registry has selected25 culturally relevant recordingsto be preserved within the Library of Congress, including whole albums from The Doors, Radiohead and Sly and the Family Stone, but onlyone songfrom The Righteous Brothers. So go ahead and throw away all your other Righteous Brothers albums. They've officially been deemed as crap.

Captain America actor Chris Evans and Mortal Instruments actress Lily Collins were photographed leavinga romantic dinner datein Los Angeles over the weekend, marking the first appearance as a couple after a month of dating. We imagine it took so long to come out as a couple because Evans' super-patriotic self was coming to grips with his attraction to Lily's half-British side.

And finally, according to Deadline, American Sniper actor Bradley Cooper might be making his directorial debut witha remake of A Star is Born, because Lord knows we need another lingerie two piece retelling of that story after the many decreasingly successful versions that already found their way into theaters.