MMA babes strip down to tiny lingerie two piece

MMA babes strip down to tiny lingerie two piece before going at each other inside the Octagon

Welcome to the Lingerie Fighting Championships (LFC) – the unique lingerie two piece brand of the sport which sees women wearing nothing but…well you can guess.

Ahead of the 23rd edition of the show next month (July 8 ), the LFC unveiled their brand new advert.

It shows some of the most prized fighters showcasing their skimpiest lingerie two piece on the way to the Octagon.

Once inside the rules are near-identical to regular MMA fights – with the inclusion of no hair pulling.

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Current LFC champion Feather “The Hammer” Hadden is among the fighters seen in the latest video.

Her stunning figure lingerie two piece and her ferocious spirit inside the ring has seen her lose just one fight in 20.

Organisers have come under fire in the past after sports bosses criticised the sexualisation of female athletes in the competition.

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But Shaun Donnelly, CEO of the LFC, hit back at the accusation.

He said: “While I don’t believe there’s anything sexist about LFC I always find it funny that these stories are always accompanied by as many of our photos as can fit.

“Oh, showing women in lingerie two piece is sexist! Here’s a photo. Isn’t it awful? Here’s another.”